Diva Care

Automated maintenance for your computer. . . . AND a member website full of blogs, videos, and classes.  All to help you have a better relationship with your computer.

Diva Care – Peace of Mind

I designed Diva Care specifically to bring ease and peace of mind to you and your computer. Diva Care will automatically update your computer software, scan for viruses and malware and instantly fix any problems, regularly do PC TuneUPS, monitor for important alerts, and so much more.

The Reality of Computers

We live in confusing and scary times when it comes to the health and security of our computers and technology. Ransomware is a huge threat. Pop-up windows claim your computer is infected with viruses. Phone calls from Microsoft impostors manipulate and scare you into releasing your credit card information. Programs and apps show up on your computer without your knowledge. Your browsers become infected with plugins, from out of nowhere. Where does the average user of computers turn for relief, help and protection?

Automated Maintenance

Diva Care is an application that lets us monitor your computer’s health so we can proactively solve your issues before they escalate into larger issues. Stuff is going to happen to your computer that puts it at risk or requires attention, like viruses, new software updates or data breaches. Diva Care alerts us to potential problems so they can be resolved quickly.

Wow. . .The Content!

Designed to help you have a better computer experience

We know automated maintenance is just one half of the equation.  We feel it imperative to supply the other half of the equation. . . Education.

Blog Postings

Weekly blog postings on a variety of technology topics.

Online Classes

A wide variety of subject, designed to help you with your daily tasks.

"Live" Help Sessions

Bi-Weekly Live Q&A help sessions.  Learning in a group is synergistic

Diva Talk

An internet radio show produced every other week.


Published on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Daily Takeaway

Our lightbulb moments, from our daily work with clients.

Getting Started is Easy

Choose your subscription level, and create your account.  It is so simple to start. We care about your computer.  Let us help. Diva Care is worry free care, trustworthy care, and protective care.

Informative Content

Enhance your technology education by taking advantage of all the fun content we have put together for you.  Blogs, videos, newsletters, the Daily Takeaway, online classes.

Automated Maintenance

With Diva Care, you know that your computer is being maintained and cared for.  Your computer worries melt away.  Sit back and relax, and let us do the maintenance work.